Madame Yuzu 2019 Rebranding


Madame Yuzu - Logo

I created a set of Illustrations and designed packages for Sydney based Japanese inspired premium ice cream & sorbet brand Madame Yuzu. This is a rebranding project followed by the original I worked on in 2016.

I created 6 geisha illustrations to represent each flavour as a new feature of the packaging. The intention is to differentiate among other brands and to draw attention from local consumers.

Japanese flavour titles are drawn with a Japanese calligraphy brush.​​​​​​​

6x ice cream and sorbet tub design

Japanese Yuzu and Sweet Mandarin flavour

Japanese Matcha Green Tea flavour

1980 Strawberry Milk flavour

Absolute Lychee flavour

Dark Roasted Black Sesame flavour

Japanese Miso Caramel and Peanut Brittle flavour

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