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Personal branding for travel blog ‘Wanderingbee’


My nomading life around the world over 5 years has been(still) a blast. I always have no particular plan where I head to the next, I just have kept following where my heart towards to.

So when I decided launching a travel blog, the idea of personal branding referring ‘bee’ was naturally fall in my mind.

I incorporated elements of bee into the logo: yellow colour from honey, hexagon from hive, flowing dotted line from wandering tracks. I picked serif-based vintage style font with some decoration on it which looks like bee’s tentacle. In result it adds more uniqueness for branding.


pencil sketch

Pencil sketch

Colour set

Colour set





Wanderingbee vertical logo

Vertical logo

"Life is short and the world is wide" - Simon Raven


"Eat well, work hard, travel often."


"Action will remove the doubt that the theory cannon solve." - Petryl Hsieh

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