Logo Design – big net eye

Square-sizedLogo design for online business ‘big net eye’.


The client was about to set up a small business of affiliate marketing and online digital marketing. The business’s proposal is to deliver high-quality services with full of confident that build a strong bond and trust with customers. The client was after the logo with a bird’s illustration which visually represents that proposal.

I created the bird which is about to fly from the nest. I simplified it into some parts and added vivid transparent colours. Simplicity represents honesty, and soft green and blue colours represent friendliness, authenticity and versatile services. Yellow and red colours represent possibility of bright future.

Additionally, I put four leaves in bird’s mouth – with hope to bring a happiness to both the business and future customers.


Squaresized: wire

Bird wireframe

Bird illustration: wire

Square logo wireframe


Vertical logo

Rectangle-sized: wire

Vertical logo wireframe

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